Sharing my Journey in Photography

I'm having as much fun as I can!



Why I am Here

I have enjoyed photography all my life, but after several careers, in the military, as a prosecutor, corporate counsel and the private practice of law, I'm beginning to dive more deeply into seeing the  world through a camera lens.  I am inviting you along.  I hope you enjoy my images as much as I have enjoyed making them!


Capturing the World I See as I See It

You may find these pages to be strange, weird, colorful, and sometimes not.  I try not to post bad photography, so that will be a challenge!  But they are all mine, so be nice!


Sharing my Story

This website is mostly for my fun and sharing my work.  If something strikes you as something you might like to have on your wall, I think I can work that out with you.  However, this is not primarily a commercial site, so bear with me!

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