Well, after spending the better part of the day tracking through the technicalities of actually adding photos to my photo blog, I may be onto something!  First I went through my photos in LightRoom, and did some additional editing, and then I exported those photos to another site on my computer to get them ready to move to this site, and then I decided that since LightRoom had the feature to upload directly, I should learn how to do that instead of these work-arounds.  So, I spent some time on my Go Daddy site and with the folks at the Go Daddy tech support, and they actually were able to get me linked.  Then, after failing to make the connections…back on the phone.  Now I am here, trying again to see if I can make the page.  I am  not sure how this makes it to my Gallery, but what the heck!Glorious Red New Lilac Mariposa Lily Spring Snow Golden Sunlit Tulip Colorado Columbine Sunset Crabapples